Salon Series

Behind-the-scenes concert previews


Join us at the National Opera Center with guest guitarist Robert Belinić for our March 23 Salon.

Robert Belinić, guitar

Unraveling the mystery of music is addressed close up at Riverside Symphony’s popular Salon Series, which deepens listeners’ appreciation and enjoyment through behind-the-scenes concert previews. Drawing on a wide range of musical excerpts, directors Korf and Rothman—joined by visiting soloists, composers, and orchestra members—explore the program, revealing how and why the selections work together to create a musically satisfying experience. These thoughtfully structured Salons are presented in a casual setting with plenty of opportunity for audience participation. The Salons are offered at a nominal charge, and at no cost to Premium and Prime Subscribers.


Our Spring Salon will take place on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at National Opera Center, 330 Seventh Avenue (between 28th & 29th St.). Doors open at 6:10 pm and the event starts promptly at 6:30. Seating is limited so make your reservation as soon as possible!

To sample the Riverside Symphony Salon experience, take a look at this video from our January 2013 event:

Featuring Directors George Rothman and Anthony Korf with violinist Arnaud Sussmann.

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